Luxembourg Art Prize

I have been interested in every type of woodworking since I was a kid but becoming an artist seemed so distant and not something for me. As i became older i realised i was becoming one. I am extraordinarily blessed to do what I love for a living. Somehow in the last decade I’ve turned a hobby into a profession and then into a lifestyle.

The reason I decided to become an artist has nothing to do with what would make me the most money, or what I was talented at, or even what I necessarily always enjoyed the most. It was simply something that, in my gut, I just knew was the right choice.

Wood is used in the creation of furniture, decorative objects (i.e. frames, jewel boxes, ornaments, etc…), sculptures and more. I personally love working with it because i can transform it into anything i possibly want.

As a designer, I make sculptures, furniture and utensils crafted in wood, plastic, bone, stone and metals.
I try to make a connection with my abstract and organic / natural objects between nature, science and craftsmanship.
My biggest source of inspiration is nature, the landscape.

My work often differs from one another and consists of the following forms:

Abstract image
Animal figure
Shell shape
Human figure
Natural form
Garden statue
Unique furniture

My tools consist of gouges, chisels, wooden mallets, pointed instruments and small power tools.

My Submitted Artworks